• What should I to wear to class?

    Pole fitness requires friction between skin and the pole, so bare skin is useful. However, it is important to feel comfortable, especially when you are just starting out. We recommend a sleeveless shirt, short shorts and long yoga pants to slip over. Bring shoes that you can easily slip off or ballet shoes.

  • What should I not wear?

    Never use body lotions or oils on the days that you pole dance. This makes the pole slippery and dangerous.

  • What should I bring with me?

    A bottle of water, a sweat towel and any grip aids that you wish to use.

  • I have never pole danced before and I'm unsure it is for me?

    That's okay and it is why we offer a free class. You can try it out without having to seriously commit. We also allow you to pay month to month and you only need to give us a months notice if you find it is not for you. Pole Dancing is so much fun and our classes are very friendly and open that you are bound to enjoy yourself. Everyone helps and motivates each other and no one is pushed into competing or doing anything they are not ready for.

  • Does age matter?

    At 62 years old, Greta Pontarelli won the masters division in the 2013 World Pole Championships – so no, age does not matter. If you are younger than 18, we do require parental consent.

  • Am I too big for pole dancing?

    The poles can handle weights of up to 120 kg. Pole Dancing can help if you are trying to loose weight, but it also helps to slowly build muscle making your joints stronger. It's the best feeling when you able to hold yourself up with your own strength. It takes time but your size and body shape does not matter.

  • How are our classes structured?

    We keep our classes relatively small at around 10 people. This keeps the classes private, comfortable and friendly.  Every week we work on something fresh and fun but we always start with a full body warm up. We also don't force you into a category of 'beginner' or 'advanced', rather we let our classes mix and help you go at your own pace. This kind of structure creates less pressure and brings people together. This also means that those with previous dance or fitness experience can easily start to push what they are capable of doing while those just starting can build their way up.

  • Are spectators allowed?


  • How do I register and start booking for classes?

    We use a management app entitled Itensity that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Once you register, we verify you on our side. Then bookings open on Sunday for each week. You can book throughout the week but booking earlier ensures you get the time that suits you. We offer a variety of classes and you may book for any class you want to join and as many as your package allows for. Classes of only two or one bookings are canceled. If you are unable to attend a class that you have booked for, please be sure to let Celeste know well beforehand.

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